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  • In alphabetical order till November 2019
  1. A closer look at Christ’s Second Coming.
  2. Give Jesus your heart.
  3. God’s victors of the end-time.
  4. Introductory letter.
  5. Isaiah’s prophesy of God’s offer of grace in the New Covenant, and of His forming
    of the Christian Church.
  6. Jesus, the Son of man (a Son of David), the Lamb of God.
  7. Living and working in the spiritual sabbath´s rest (peace) of God.
  8. Seven (7) steps a convert has to take on the road: The HIGHWAY of Gods GRACE.
  9. The 7 characteristics of a true and anointed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. The 10 fulfilled (perfect) New-Testament Commandments of the Kingdom of Heaven
  11. The Church at Laodicea.
  12. The hope of divine glory.
  13. The prophecy of Ethan, the Ezrahite (about the perfect New Covenant in Christ Jesus).
  14. The time of preparation for the marriage of the Lamb of God.
  15. Three reasons (mentioned in Isaiah 9) that will bring us JOY in the Lord.
  16. Turn (away) from your evil ways.
  17. Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord? (Psalm 24 verses 1-10)
LUKE The Book of the NEW MAN in Christ (About Jesus, the High Priest, and
how we, as priests of the most high God, must serve Him).
In total 24 Chapters:

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